Thursday, May 3, 2012

News Filter: The Elder Scrolls Online Announced

  • As has become a common occurance, a new game was announced by way of the cover reveal for the next issue of Game Informer. Today, Bethesda Softworks announced The Elder Scrolls Online.

  • MMOGC echoes my thoughts:

  • I really don't feel the world of Skyrim needs an MMO...but that's just me.

  • I know that the Elder Scrolls games have their fans, but Tamriel has never been a place that I want to explore with thousands of other people. I can't imagine what an MMO would deliver to a solo player like myself that the single player games can't.

  • Bronte of Are We New At This? points out that this is the least surprising announcement in the history of gaming. Instead of amazement that the game is in the work, we are instead letting out a collective sigh now that finally got around to confirming what everyone already knew.

  • Also, a PR rep emailed him about the announcement. What the hell, folks? Am I chopped kobold liver over here?

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