Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random Shots: New Screens From Project Copernicus

Images from the most magical, breathtaking and awe inspiring world ever created. Images I was "allowed" to peek at along the way, when the team wanted us all to see the magical world we were building.
  • Blogger is pissing me off by not uploading the full size versions of these images. You can see them on Facebook and I'll update them here when I have the chance. All better now.

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  1. Puts on crankypants:

    To be honest I've always been a bit skeptical that some baseball player, Tod McFarlane, and R. A. Salvatore could make a decent MMO. The latter two, while quite popular, are pretty mediocre writers imo. Have you ever tried to read the first two years of Spawn (apart from the ones with guest authors, those were great)? And while R. A. S. is great at writing action packed popcorn fiction, a deep thinker and thoughtful world builder he is not. So you have TMs distinctive art style, and not much else, going for a studio founded by guys who know nothing at all about game development. I wasn't the least bit surprised when the whole thing collapsed. I was more than a bit surprised that two different state governments apparently got involved in propping it up, however.

    Takes off crankypants.

    I will at least allow that the art assets that have been released are very nice. Who knows, maybe there was some great game attached to all that stylish art?

  2. Crankypants! Now I know how you're so calm at your own blog. :0

    Yeah, it all did seem a little too unlikely. I really did want to see them succeed, though. If only to see what the hell they were working on all this time. Oh well.

  3. These are some awesome pictures, how could I have missed this post? now I shall have to look into this game more closely.