Thursday, May 24, 2012

News Filter: Project Copernicus Leaked Images

  • Stealth info releases continue from 38 Studios, this time three images posted to the 38 Watch Forums. Posted by a new member, AlynShir (evidently a character from KoAR), under the title "You guys deserve this.", it includes reveal images for three races, the Almain, Dverga, and Jottun.




  • Yep, those are total staged photos. Nonetheless, they look quite beautiful. The art style has an advance Blizzard influence. The characters are appropriately cartoony and the world slightly overblown so that is feels real without having to look realistic. They have a lot of character, which is very appealing.

  • Between these and the fly-through video, it looks like 38 Studios is going on the offensive. These screenshots show a greater fidelity than the video did, but we're still a long way off from knowing anything about the game part of the game.

  • Now that we have two leaks, are you more interested in Kingdoms of Amalur? What do you think of these images?

  • Hat tip to Polygon and Kotaku for the pick up.

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