Thursday, October 8, 2009

Comic Roundup: October 7, 2009

  • I haven't felt like writing about comics a lot recently, especially since I've cut way back on my reading list. This week's was especially strong though, so I had to get out the capsule reviews again. Just remember, I warned you about this sort of thing happening.

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Eight issue 29 - My ardor for this series has waned over the last couple years, but I always find something to like about Buffy Season Eight. Here in part four of Jane Espenson's "Retreat," the army has arrived at the Slayers' hideaway and Buffy figures out what has really been happening with their magic. If I'm following this right, Season Eight will be wrapping up soon and it really needs to. I'm looking forward to the end of the series because prolonging the story is only going to wear it out.

  • Criminal: The Sinners issue 1 - After the long sojourn while Incognito was published, Criminal returns to life under the amazing talents of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. This issue feels a lot like a homecoming, not just because the series has returned, but we also see the return of Tracy Lawless. It's been a year since the end of Lawless and Tracy finds himself still in the employ of Sebastian Hyde. But only just barely since he's not particularly good at his job. So instead of working as a hitman, Hyde wants him to investigate a string of gangland murders. Although I enjoyed Incognito, this issue reminds me why I missed Criminal so much. It's still my favorite comic currently published.

  • Planetary issue 27 - The guy at the cash register remarked that this was the year for all the late series to finally finish up. And true to form, the final issue of Planetary has arrived. As Warren Ellis remarked, issue 27 is an epilogue to the story. Since the climax occurred last issue (Heck, I don't even remember when that came out), this issue is about tying up loose ends. Thankfully, Ellis and John Cassaday make this finale as strong as every other issue in the series and a fitting conclusion. Planetary has finally come to its end and it went out as crazy and amazing as it started. If only comics could all be this good.

  • X-Men Vs. Agents Of Atlas issue 1 - The only reason this isn't called Agents Of Atlas issue 12 is because the X-Men sell more comics. I would complain about crass commercialism, but anything that sells more AoA is fine by me. Jeff Parker is still writing superheroes on par with Robert Kirkman. Art is still a little weird with all constant shifts, but it doesn't detract too badly. So if you like superheroes and you're overlooking this because it's a strange title on the rack, give it a try. It's really fun.

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  1. You have me intrigued by the last title you mentioned. I generally only by compilations or graphic novels these days.

    As an aside, did you catch this post at KTR:

    In the comments the merits of bullet points versus numbered lists are debated. I have to say, this blog wouldn't be as cool if it was called "numbered lists" ;-)

  2. @ Yeebo - Ah, another Friend of the Bullet Point comes forth. Excellent!

    There is at least one Agents of Atlas trade paperback from the initial miniseries. That's how I got into it. Definitely a good read. I mean, the series has a talking gorilla, so how could it be bad, right?