Thursday, October 22, 2009

Played Lately: Champions Online

  • I apologize about the lateness of this post. I went and caught myself one of those fashionable death virus thingies, which hasn't been nearly as fun as everyone makes it out to be. If there is one upside to being a shut-in MMO-playing troll with no social life outside of role playing with a Blood Elf it's that you're a lot less likely to deal with other people and their germs.

  • Over the last couple weeks, I've been able to very easily get into groups for Dr. Destroyer's Robot Factory, Teleios' Tower, the Burial Cave, and Dr. Moreau's Lab. They have all been fun, but I'd still rather blog about what's happening with my nemesis. That dude annoys me so much! Well, Arcfire had enough of him also and it's time to end the big blue demon's reign of rank smelliocity. (Nyah, nyah.)

  • As always happens with things like this, Necrosis' minions decided to jump me at an inopportune moment only to leave behind a clue about their boss's latest scheme. This time, they left behind the residue of a fuel Necrosis intends to steal. (How did that demon get residue if they hadn't stolen it yet? Those wacky demons!) So I flew off to National Bank in Millennium City where the fuel is being stored.

  • I'd like to take a moment to make a suggestion to PRIMUS: if you have some kind of high yield experimental fuel source, maybe storing it in a bank vault in the middle of the most villain infested city in the world may not be a great idea. Of course, maybe you've given up on the idea that you can stop anyone from stealing this stuff so it doesn't matter where you stick it. In that case, you might as well just stick it in a box on the sidewalk outside so that I don't have to blow up the vault door! For that matter, why do I have to blow open the vault door just to get at the bad guys. Those wacky villains!

  • As you might expect, I didn't make it into the vault in time, so the baddies got away. I followed them through the portal, but only ended up outside again. Oh well. Necrosis was kind enough to leave a trail to his volcanic lair on Monster Island. Actually, you know his lair is in a volcano, but you have to figure out where that might be. Luckily, villains are drawn to Monster Island like Wolverine is drawn to beer.

  • Inside his lair, I found Necrosis had used the plan he stole in an earlier mission to build his death ray.
    Aside: What the heck was he expecting to shoot with that thing? It's a cannon built on the ground, aiming out into space. Maybe he's expecting a Martian invasion? Come on, Necrosis. Next time build your death ray somewhere you can actually threaten people with it.
    Blowing up the death ray wasn't all I had to do. Necrosis went crazy and summoned a lava monster to take me out. The girl that blows things up with fire. That was a great move. When that didn't work, he spawned a couple clones and the three of them tried to take me out. Supervillains are getting so desperate for tricks nowadays. So I took him out, blew up a very cool flood of minions, and tossed the jerk back in jail. Phew! One nemesis down, 17 to go! I'm not going to spoil it, but the surprise epilogue was very cool and I look forward to what that means for the game.

  • I've said it time and again. The Nemesis system is the best part of this game. If there was any way to get people involved in with Nemesis earlier, it would get people involved in the game much better.

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  1. Since my main arrived to Monster Island I've only played him on weekends, with longer sessions, playing with my Gun Kata alt after work.

    The Nemesis is, in the 30 lvls I've played, the best idea in the game. If they expand the idea with teaming nemeses attacking teams, Super Groups, bases (if they are implemented in the future) or random nemesis of team members are used as lieutenants in Lairs, CO would carve a really good niche :)

  2. Glad to hear you've recovered from your death virus. Funny that your nemesis is named Necrosis, mine's named Necromechan. I guess everyone thinks of death first as a villain.

    So far my favorite parts of the game have been the nemsis missions, the Stronghold mission, and the Monster Island Crisis (at least until it bugged on me).

  3. That's really cool, can't wait to create my nemesis.

  4. Just started playing CO again, been enjoying it. Very much looking forward to the Nemesis system.

  5. Yeebo - send me a friend invite next time you're on, its @bluekae.

  6. @ Juan Antonio - Excellent ideas all. The latest dev chat indicated that the next content they add after Blood Moon will be focused on the Nemesis system. I look forward to seeing what Cryptic has planned.

    @ Blue Kae - I was able to get through the MI Crisis, but the game crashed in the middle of the Lemuria Crisis. Lucky for me, when I logged back in the game gives me the option to skip straight to Lemuria. Someday I'll try it again, but I may wait until I get a couple extra levels. :)

    @ Jayedub - Can't wait to see what you come up with. The one nice thing about creating a nemesis is that I can use costume options that I would never pick for a hero. I'll have to post a pick of my latest nemesis, Project T!

    @ Yeebo - Glad to have you on board. I'm looking forward to reading more about how you fair in the game.

  7. @Yeebo
    Glad you joined the party!!