Friday, October 30, 2009

News Filter: Free Weekend for Champions Online

  • If you were at all interested in trying Champions Online, this would be the time to do so. Up until 10am PDT, the game is open for everyone to play, free of charge. It might not be a 14 day trial, but hopefully anyone who at least wants to play with the character creator can download and give it a whirl before the weekend is over.

  • And if you find you want to keep playing, Steam seems to be the best place to pick up a copy. The price for the virtual box dropped to $40 sometime recently. But even better, it's ten percent off until November 10, for a total of $36. It's not the bargain basement price I've seen for other MMOs, but it really not that bad, either.

  • So come on in. The zombie superheroes are fine.

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  1. Ive just started champions online again since the beta. I'm doing the Canadian area for the first time. Any tips for finding all the quests in this area.

    I'm finding its not very obvious where to find new quests or find the targets from the ground (current hero cant fly).

  2. @ Warhammermer - While they do a fair amount of breadcrumb questing, you're best bet would be to check Crime Computer 2.0 if you really think you missed something.

  3. The crime computer site is really nice, helps out a lot.

  4. Thanks. I'll try that tonight then. :D