Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Shots: One Last Attempt

  • I'm officially done trying to get anyone to play Champions Online. I know when I've met my match. Blog posts about the game have all but dried up. Game instances have dwindled dramatically. And when I log into the game, the only other person online in my super group is the guy who idled offline a month ago, so a bug keeps his name illuminated. Not that I'm going to stop writing about the game. It's just that from here on out, I'll just be writing for the fun of it. So now, one last attempt to get you to play Champions.

  • Finally last night, I made my first foray into Lemuria, the Champions equivalent of Atlantis. It is the current high end zone, so most people don't get here until level 33 or 34. It takes place entirely underwater, which is always strange in an MMO. Enemies can come upon you from every direction, so it's not easy to tell who you're fighting. But then I saw these guys and, suddenly, all with right in the world.

  • Just take a look at this screen shot.

  • That is a shark.

  • A shark with a laser beam on its head.

  • Sharks! With laser beams on their heads! If that doesn't make you want to play Champions, then good riddance. I want nothing to do with you.


  1. Keep plugging away bro! I am still playing CO, and plan to put up a two part video on Dr. Destroyer's Factory soon. Like you, I know that the post free month crowd is gone. My guild has 2-3 online at the most :( Look up Bonesaw@br3ntbr0 any time!

  2. I'm still playing! But I do have to admit that I've gotten kind of ... disappointed with things in Champions.

    I'm still lookin forward to Lemuria, and I just got access to Monster Island, but we'll see where we are in a month, I guess.

  3. Truth is, I actually tried out Champions Online because of what you wrote about the game. I am having a lot of fun with the game, but as is the case with every MMO, there are a few elements that are annoying me. I am a big lore-whore and I love immersion in MMOs, and I feel Champions, for all the good it does, continues to fail in those departments.

    I too have a blog, and I made two posts recently that relate to the "Help a Citizen!" mission structure in Champions. The direct links are below. I would love to know what you think.

    PART I ->

    PART II ->

    Finally, my account in-game is "@theelementals". Mind sharing those, and maybe we can play together when we are both online?

  4. @ br3ntbr0 - Looking forward to seeing that. Definitely look me up in game.

    @ Kynarra - Glad to hear you're still at it. The game does seem a little light, with most of the depth coming from trying out different powers and making new heroes. Keeping my fingers crossed that Cryptic really can get new content out regularly.

    @ Bronte - Wait? My recommendation led you to trying the game out? Someone get me Bill Roper on the phone. I want my commission. Very interesting blog posts. I already left a comment there, so I won't repeat myself here.

  5. Sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads, awesome.

    I do plan to play on a more consistent and regular basis. Things have been busy with other games and family stuff. But I will send you a friends invite the next time I log in!

  6. I'm also still playing, and intend to play a long time (still lvl 30).

    I've been lucky to find one of the three spanish guilds in the game, so we have 10-20 people online every (european) night.

    If you want to group, look for @ducasmere :)

  7. Talk away, the game looks a lot of fun but right now I'm waiting on my friend to upgrade his pc so we can play together.

  8. When one purchases a lifetime account and still feels no interest in logging in, something is wrong. I don't think I have logged in for many weeks and only then to retcon all my characters.

  9. I'm still really enjoying myself in-game. My SG typically has half a dozen on at any given time, and much more during "peak hours." We just finished up a Grond raid and are planning on doing some Blood Moon related activities when that's in full swing. Look me up, @CMK. Love the blog.

    My Google Account doesn't want to link to my personal webpage, so I'm trying a different avenue. Sorry for the "spam."

  10. @ Jayedub - I look forward to seeing you in game. If there is anything I can understand it's life getting in the way.

    @ Ducasmere - Glad to hear you found a good supergroup. I'll look you up in game!

    @ Anon - I'm certainly not giving up on blogging about CO. I fear that I've oversold my dissatisfaction. But come on, people, sharks with frickin' laser beams! :)

    @ Ethic - I feel your pain, sir. I count myself lucky that I'm enjoying myself so much, but Champions really does feel like a niche game. Like I responded to Kynarra, I think they'll do better as content gets more robust. If it gets more robust.

    @ CMK - Sounds like you've fallen in with a good crowd. Glad to hear it. I'll have a friend invite out as soon as I get back in the game!

  11. Marty!

    You never told me your handle in Champions Online.

    Also, in the interests of being fair and balanced (not the Fox news version of that phrase), I have also put up a partial review of Champions Online. Tell me what you think!

  12. Forgot the link:

  13. @ Bronte - Ha! Guess I got busy....

    My handle for anyone interested is @AnjinM. All friend invites accepted.