Monday, October 12, 2009

Random Shots: Crime Computer 2.0 for CO

  • I love the ingenuity of MMO fans. From GuildWiki to Thottbot to Be Imba, some of the best game resources are those developed to fill a void that the game itself doesn't cover. While these resources are already starting to show up for Champions Online, the best of them (as we were reminded by commenter Bronte yesterday), is Crime Computer 2.0.

  • Crime Computer 2.0 makes rather ingenious use of the quest data provided on the Champions Online website. By providing the URL location of your character, CC 2.0 gives you a list of all the quests that you seem to have missed. I was astonished about all the low level quests I never found.
    Aside: I can't help but wonder how I could miss all these quests. Many are from item drops or are location based. But some (like one from Snake Gulch) I could not even find. Maybe there is enough content to level appropriately, but only if you scour the landscape for every last potential quest. I like the idea of found quests, but they should be a bonus, not mandatory.

  • The site's creator, Lord Damax, reminds us this is a work in progress. As such, the list can only be compared to quests people have actually found and documented. There also seems to be some problem with the Champions website not listing all of the quests a character has completed. Nonetheless, this is an astonishing resource for completionists.

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  1. I was surprised too when I say how many quests one of my characters had missed. I don't know how much it will affect him when I do get to the level 30 content gap, but it can't hurt to go back and complete them anyways.