Sunday, October 25, 2009

Random Shots: Unsubscribed

  • I find myself in the curious position where I'm not paying any active subscriptions for any games at the moment. World of Warcraft expired in September, Warhammer Online's one month is winding down, and an ill-advised (though inexpensive) attempt to get Free Realms running again has met with failure. So while on one hand I feel strange without that ongoing pressure to play, the other hand is happy to be free of the burden.

  • Truth be told, I'm still heavily involved in MMOs. Just not the kind with a recurring ding on the credit card. The lifetime subscription for Champions Online means I can jump in and out of the game at whim without feeling like I have to squeeze out every ounce of joy within a 30 day window. And I'm not without free-to-play choices like Runes of Magic and Dungeons & Dragons Online. (That wouldn't look right without the ampersand, would it?)

  • For the first time in a while, I've also been spending more time with single player games. I'm playing through Mass Effect again in anticipation of the sequel next year. I fired up Sacred 2 for the first time in months, hoping I hadn't forgotten everything about the game. I also preordered Torchlight, the spiritual successor to the illusory Mythos. For $18 on Steam, it feels like theft buying a game so cheaply. Heck, I was so excited about this game, I preordered before this amazing story broke. (I'm still not looking forward to Dragon Age, though.)

  • Of course, writing a post like this is the surest way of making me want to go back to one of those games. (Especially if CO keeps having server issues. Grumble.) I guess we'll all find out soon!


  1. So question; Torchlight is developed by those who worked on Mythos originally? I know that Mythos was accepting closed beta invites not that long ago.

  2. @ Jayedub - Exactly. The entire team up and moved to Runic Games to start their own game when Flagship crashed. Mythos was taken over by HanbitSoft who is continuing development.