Thursday, August 25, 2011

News Filter: Go Buy Wing Commander Right Now

  • If I started this blog twenty years ago, you would have read any number of posts about the Wing Commander games. WC1 was the game that made me buy a sound card (a Sound Blaster Pro, installed myself in my 386-20). And it's the game that made me buy a joystick. I know a lot of people preferred the X-Wing games, but I was a Wing Commander man all the way.

  • Fun Fact: When I selected my callsign for WC1, I chose Anjin. And it has stuck with me ever since.

  • The good news is that just release a bundle of both Wing Commander 1 & 2 (minus the expansion packs) for $5.99. The bad news is I'm stuck at work so I can't play yet.

  • Just looking at that image brings back the memories. I remember trading off missions with my brother. He was always much better at the game than me.

  • I wonder if I still have that joystick somewhere. Heck, I wonder if I have a serial port to hook it up to.

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