Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Shots: Considering A Trip To Detroit

  • It's time for another lame gamer admission: I never played Deus Ex. It didn't interest me at the time and it has not aged gracefully. So when Deus Ex: Human Revolution was announce, I shugged and did not thing about it again. That was until this week.

  • Giant Bomb livestreamed their Quick Look of the game yesterday. Damn, this game is beautiful. The near future setting is fascinating to me. I just want to crawl into that world and explore.

  • And if that wasn't enough, I saw that Blue Kae was on Steam playing last night while I was writing a blog post. No fair! It probably won't be soon, but someday I'll be buying a ticket to the dark future.

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  1. Heh.

    I have the same history as you, I never played either of the previous games and paid very little attention to DX3 until it came out and I saw everyone talking it up. That's one of the great things about digital distribution though: I got home from work last night, bought it on Steam, and then went and watched Alphas on the DVR while it downloaded.

  2. I'm going to buy this game for the 360. Tonight, methinks.

  3. @ Blue Kae - Sounds good to me. I'm still debating platform, though.

    @ MMOGC - Even more jealous now. I'll have to get it sooner or later, right?

  4. If you've got a good PC do that, if not get the 360 version. Or 360 if you absopositively must have the achievement points.

  5. I played both previous DX games, The first one is absolutely brilliant. The second one isn't quite as good, but better than it's reputation would suggest imo. I liked it enough to play through twice if I recall correctly. I think I'm going with the 360 version as well. I know this is insane to some, but I generally prefer to play most games on a console if it's an option.

  6. I feel my console is getting neglected, which is why I'm going with the 360 version, and so far I haven't heard of any game breaking glitches for all platforms.

  7. DXHR is pretty awesome. As for Detroit, well I think the US should just give that city to Canada.

  8. @ Blue Kae - Not really into the achievements, but I do like playing on a 55" TV. :)

    @ Yeebo - I'm with you. Consoles make up for a lot of headaches.

    @ MMOGC - Poor 360. You'd better show it some love. And buy Bastion while you're at it. :)

    @ Jayedub - Ha ha ha! I don't know. I'd hate to think about a cyberpunk Canada.

  9. I moved my 360 from the living room to my office more than a year ago, so it uses the same 24" monitor as my PC. Sucks to have a smaller screen, but it's great not to have to schedule my gaming against my wife's TV schedule.