Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Played Lately: Bastion

  • I wish that I could count on you all having played Bastion though to the end because I so want to talk about spoilers. I'm not going to, but it is taking every bit of self-restraint to do so.

  • A hidden RPG - It amuses me to no end that Bastion is actually an RPG. Only they obfuscated or filed off just about every number you could find. Funny thing is that I don't miss it all that much. You have health points, but you don't know how many. You earn experience points and levels, but you have to go to the distillery to see your level. You discover weapons, but you find out how effective they are by testing them out. The weapons can be upgraded, and you can see the effects of the upgrades, but only when you are looking at them in the forge. And it works. Even though the stats are in the background, you spend your time focusing on the game and making interesting decisions, not whether you have enough Agility or Stamina.

  • So many weapons - One of the coolest things about Bastion, and one that sets it apart from other action RPGs, is the huge variety of weapons in the game. In most Diablo-like games, you have a melee weapon and a ranged weapon, but with a huge variety of stats. In Bastion, each weapon introduces a unique play style. And the beauty is that there is no bad combination of weapons. They are all effective so choose what is most comfortable, or most fun, to you.

  • Fantasy western - The tone and style of the game reminds me quite strongly of Stephen King's Dark Tower series. The game has a western feel, from the weapons and characters to the music and the story. It is so different than most games and is a welcome change of pace.

  • The end - Ugh! I so want to talk about the ending! It really is great. Supergiant mixes things up right at the end giving you new abilities and forcing you to make big choices. So brilliant. Good enough that I immediately started again with the New Game Plus option. I want to see how everything turns out if I go the other way.

  • This will probably be my last post about Bastion until you folks all swear that you've beat the game. Now get to work. I'm counting on you.

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