Monday, August 1, 2011

Random Shots: Guess Which Game I'm Looking Forward To More

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  1. Hmmmm, that's a tough one. Uuuuhhh, hmmmm, uh, Torchlight?

    Same here. I don't care much about the RMT stuff but the always online bit is a bit too Ubisoft for me.

  2. I'm with Blue Kae, the always online bugs me a lot more than the RMT. What if I want to play on a plane? What if my internet is down? What if I don't give a single rat's ass about any of the online features? I do tend to play these games solo after all.

  3. @ Blue Kae - Easy guess, right?

    @ Yeebo - It's hard for me to be too annoyed by the always online requirement, considering that so many games I play already require that. But I just know that there will be one time that it bites me on the bottom and I'll be pissed.

  4. I was already on the looking forward to Torchlight 2 side of this fence.

    Torchlight 2 is being made by some of the same developers that helped create this genre, including from the first two Diablo games.

    Diablo 3 on the other hand, is being made by a corporation that while it employs many talented people, has proven lately that they will take whatever path makes them the most rich. It is not really being made by the same developers as Diablo 1 or 2. It's a brand name.

    So yeah, these differences in features aren't really surprising.

    I'm sure that Diablo 3 will be quite enjoyable regardless, but I expect that Torchlight 2 will be more my kind of game.

  5. @ Rog - You echo my thoughts exactly. I've already played more Torchlight than both Diablos combined. I want to play Diablo III, but I know that I'll play Torchlight II more.

  6. I don't know dude. We played Diablo 2 through online all the time. You need to be online for WoW. You need to be online for SC2. What difference does it make in D3?

    I especially don't understand when MMO players have a problem with online DRM...

  7. @ Bronte - Unlike others, I'm not as upset about the always online thing. But the sum total of these decisions has put me back on my heels. Not that I'm going to skip the game. Hell, no. But I know which one I'd want to play more.