Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Random Shots: Pandaren Possibilities

  • Because there can never be enough baseless speculation on the internet, I'm going to discuss three possible ways that Blizzard could add the Pandaren with their seemingly inevitable expansion, Mists of Panderia.

  • Hero Class - If one believes that there is some grand plan at Blizzard, the next expansion will introduce a new hero class. I hadn't considered this idea until the most recent episode of The Instance (a failure of imagination on my part). In this option, the Pandaren open up their schools to all comers, training characters of every race. So expect Goblin and Gnome monks running around the world. This seems like the most likely option.

  • New Race - Now if there is no grand plan, maybe Blizzard will add the Pandaren as a new race. There is no telling which faction they would join. But in either case, this would require a second race to be added. It would fit that ancient planning list if they did so. Blizzard would just have to figure out which classes are available, and then there would be pandas everywhere. I know that I would roll a Pandaren rogue immediately. Or paladin. Or mage. Or anything really. Giant pandas, you know?

  • Pandaren Brewmaster - This idea is off the wall, but what if Blizzard combines both ideas and makes a Brewmaster hero class that can only be a Pandaren? I'm not sure if that would make more work or less. But it does have the side benefit of preventing Chris Metzen from fabricating some lore to explain by the pandas might suddenly ally themselves with the Horde and Alliance.

  • Did I miss something? Do you have a better idea? Come to the comments and tell me how full of it I am!

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  1. I have an idea - no panda'a what so ever! I have no real reason why there should not be a pandaran class other than I just hate the idea.

  2. Monk would be a fun addition. However, I wonder where they'd fit in. A melee DPS that's less gear dependent than a rogue? Or maybe a melee DPS that simply relies heavilly on combos to acheive different attacks (ala the DDO monk or the LoTRO Warden). Such characters can be a lot of fun to play, but are also fairly technical to run compared to most of what's in WoW currently.

  3. @ Jayedub - Aw. You hater. :)

    @ Yeebo - It is supposed to be a hero class. I'd love to see a more complex mechanic work into the game.